Family Owned and Operated

Hey ladies,

Thank you for stopping by! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Britni Jo and I live in Arvada Colorado. I love sustainability and nutrition, I shop local and recycle. I also have a boyfriend and a dog whom I absolutely adore. I'm grateful to have a chosen Philip Jr. as my lifelong partner as him and his family are truly divine and loving to me. Our wonderful Aunt Katarina founded haute-t in 2017, this came as an inspiration from her love of subscription boxes and classic white tee shirts. What started as a subscription box has become an easy to use online platform for you to obtain the best quality white cotton tees that you can find. Katarina wanted to make it easy for us busy working woman to spend less time on picking out what to wear and more time relaxing. Now you can put together a simple, classy outfit with your white tee *the most important staple* without over analyzing what to wear and spending too much time on it. It's true that we only have so much brain power in a day to make decisions so, why spend that energy first thing in the morning deciding what to wear? That should be a simple task to tackle first thing on a work day, right? With that being said, Philip Jr. and I have collaborated with Kat to keep her cherished business going while she's out conquering the world in real estate. Let's face it, we all look good in a classic white tee shirt! and, since there are endless ways to wear them, we'll make it fun for you by providing ideas of how and what to wear your white tee with. Oh and one more thing, my darling cousin DeeAnna has been doing a beautiful job posting for us on Instagram! Check out our page at @hautetshirt and follow us for fun and inspiration. We hope you love soft and comfortable white cotton t-shirts as much we do! 

Lots of love,

Britni Jo